Palm Reading for Mr M.B.

Reading for Mr.MB


Overview of Horoscope-


Positive Points—Placement of Venus in 5th House (Good for education, studies, following a religion, gives a big friend circle. You must have been good in your academics as Venus Dasa was going on till age 12. Venus is influenced by Saturn+ Rahu+Ketu—this can give serious nature, one who thinks a lot before deciding. On Palms this reflected by long finger with 2nd knots)

Rahu in  11th House ( Good for financial gain from age 42 yrs. Currently you are running Rahu Dasa too)

Mercury+ Moon in 3rd House ( Both Lord of 9th house (Fate) and 10th (Occupation)—it shows occupation involving oratory/ speaking with people. Person rises in his life with his own efforts.)


Negative Points– Combust Mercury (Wavering mind, unnecessary negative thoughts which are intrusive in nature. Since Mercury is placed in 3rd house it can give problems of throat/larynx/ vocal cord.)

Venus+ Ketu Conjunction in 5th house— (This is important — This give disappointment in love… considering the aspect of Mars which is 7th Lord— Maybe you had a deep relationship with one of your friend which didn’t end as you wish. Delay in having children. Chance of female child very strong than male. I am concerned with a small mole on the palm which indicates troubles related to sexual functioning, though your Venus is well developed on the palm, you should be careful. Especially Sexually transmitted disease)

Overview of Palm

Right Palm


Hand- Spatualate  + Finger- Long+ Knots on the 2nd Phalange— Little finger is outstretched and long (Good for innovation in your work, one is not afraid to voice his opinion in front of others)

Venus, Moon, Upper Mars, Jupiter- are in a better position

Venus- Small Mole (Til) on upper Venus (Mentioned above)

LifeLine- Well Placed except – last 1/3rd Portion it has become thick with Small island formation Post 55 age. ( This definitely shows some health concerns of chronic nature after age 55, Nature of the problem can’t be predicted as of now as I can’t see other negative marks on the palm. ?Kidney problem?)

Fate Line- Starting from Mid Moon portion curving and going till middle finger. (Have you stayed abroad for your work anytime till now… if yes it must be at least for 2-3 years—Your left palm Fate line also have similar formation)

Head and Heart Line doesn’t have major negative markings

Sunline (below ring finger)—Not well developed as seen on the left palm (These delays rise in a career of the person.)


Left Palm


Hand- Spatualate

Finger- Long+ Knots on the 2nd Phalange— Little finger is outstretched (Same as Right palm)

Venus++, Moon and Upper mars are Less marked here than right, Jupiter++ (Administrative roles, managerial roles, teaching line are good career option)

Lifeline—Better than right .. only lower 1/4th Portion is thickened but less compared to the right. (Same interpretation about health concerns mentioned above)

Fate line—starts from the centre of the palm—faint line touching from Mid moon portion (Positive indicator of going abroad for work and outcome will be positive/satisfactory.

Head +Heart and Sunline are better than the right palm


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