Mounts On the Hand- Part 1

Mounts are very important in the study of palmistry, at the same time it is most difficult and complicated to study them.

Below are the traditional significance and importance attached to each mount as per the Indian palmistry


Jupiter- (Guru)-Pitru Sthana- Father

Saturn- (Shani/Sani)- Matru Sthana- Mother

Sun- (Surya/Apollo)- Vidya Sthana- Education

Mercury-(Budh)- Jaya Sthana- Wife

Mars- (Mangal)-Negative-Shatru Sthana- Enemies

                               -Positive-Dharma Sthana-Religion

Moon-(Chandra)-Kalpana Sthana-Imagination/Mind

Venus-(Shukra)- Upper-Bhratru Sthana- Brothers

                                -Lower- Bandhu Sthana-Relatives/Friends







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