Palm of A Businessman- A Jeweller

This is a hand of successful businessmen. He is a well-known jeweller and owns gold jewellery shops.   

Let us see important points on the palm.

  1. Strong Jupiter (Guru) mount with the clear well-formed square on it. (Not clearly visible in the right-hand picture due to the positioning of the palm, but clearly seen left hand) (Marked by Red Arrow)

  2. Well-formed prominent Mercury line (Traditionally called as a business line)- starting from the base of the fate line clearly going till mount of mercury. (Marked by Black arrows)

  3. Well-formed Line of Sun on both palm. Left palm has 2 parallel lines. (Marked in Red Circle)

  4. The excellent triangle formed by Head-Fate-Mercury line triad on the right palm.

  5. Soft hand with soft, smooth skin

                                             Left Palm
                                        Right Palm

After seeing these basic signs, it was predicted to the person that he is well-established businessmen. The person revealed that he is well-established Jeweller from the last 35 yrs.

His horoscope shows strong mercury-venus and Jupiter combination giving him a successful business and luxurious life. 

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