Stress/ Obstacle Lines/Resistance Lines

Many horizontal lines crisscrossing on the various location on the palms are taken as a stress/obstacle/resistance lines.

In this article, we will see one present in the middle of the palm.

Resistance-Stress Lines

Horizontal lines starting from the inner side of the lifeline, cutting it and usually passes cutting through fate and headline in its way.

In the following picture, we can see 2 such line- indicated by Green and Red Arrows.

Sometimes it can extend further and reach till heart line or cuts it too.

                                 Example of Resistance lines

In the above picture, it faintly reaches till the heart line- indicated by Blue Arrows.


This line shows disturbance/obstacles in the aspects of life indicated by line it cuts.

First- it cuts life line– shows disturbance in health, energy/stamina, family/home.

Second- it cuts the fate line– showing obstacles/ disappointment in a career

Third- it cuts the headline– showing disturbance in thinking abilities.

Fourth- it cuts the heart line– showing disturbance in emotions, love and sometimes in sex life too.

As it is clear, more lines it cuts more stressful will be the situation for this person.

The difficult time period can be determined as per the age indicated by lines cut by the resistance line/s.

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