The Conic Hand

The Conic hand is the fifth type of hand in classical palmistry.

Let us see identifying features of Conic Hand-

  • It has smooth fingers, and the top (i.e. nail)  phalange is in the form of cones or has an elongated shape.
  • NO Knots on fingers.
  • It has long fingers and they are rounded at the base.
  • A finger starts to taper from the bottom.
  • Some lines may appear to be wavy, in general, headline tends to bend towards hypothenar eminence (i.e. mount of the moon). This indicates an aptitude for imagination and creativity.
  • An inclination for comfort and luxury is indicated from soft and fleshy hand
  • Skin is fine with texture and pink in colour.

This hand has conic fingers but hand is not fleshy

Some observations about people having Conic Hands

  • They are sensitive, have good power of imagination and are artistic by nature.
  • They are not pragmatic in their approach and look out for painless ways to achieve things.
  • They lack determination but have great power of intuition. This will be applicable when they have developed mount of moon.
  • These hands are seen in people in artistic professions, dancers, painters, interior designer, models, beauticians, and psychotherapists.
  • Due to their impatience, they tire easily and have a tendency to lose control over their own life.
  • They judge by impulse and instinct due to lack of application of reasoning. This leads to a frequent change of opinion or point of view in life and about significant others in their life. This feature should be confirmed by the headline.

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