The Elementary Hand or the Primary hand

The elementary hand is the first type of hand as per classical texts in palmistry.

                                                  Elementary Hand

Let us see identifying features of elementary hands–

  • Crude and rough appearance of hand in general
  • Heavy looking, mostly large and thick palm size
  • Thick, short fingers with short nails
  • Texture of skin is always rough- As quality of life of this person improves, texture improves too
  • Palm is hard to touch as if like a rock
  • The color of palm can vary– I have seen it be yellowish or white.
  • The hand is usually warm
  • The thumb is short and stiff– showing stubbornness and  lack of motivation to achieve
  • Base phalanges of all the fingers are thick showing there focus only on basic needs of life, most of the time physical aspect alone.
  • Phalanges of a finger are asymmetrical.
  • They have few lines on the palm– you will see only 3 main lines most of the time- life line, head line and heart line. These lines are broad and dark.

Some observations about people having elementary hands–

  • They generally have a good muscular body as their main occupation involves physical labor.
  • They give great importance to the basic needs of life mainly sexual aspect.
  • Easily given to outbursts of anger and a physical fight is usually their remedy to solve the problem.
  • Health problem induced by alcoholism, tobacco abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases is more common in this group.
  • They have the low cognitive and emotional capacity
  • Not amenable to reasoning or logical persuasion
  • Routine life is focused around eating, drinking, sexual pleasures and sleeping.

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