The Philosophic Hand

The Philosophic hand is the fourth type of hand in classical palmistry.

It is also known as Knotty Hand Or The Intellectual Hand.

Intellectual Hand of Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Let us see identifying features of Philosophic Hand-

  • The palm is rectangular and hand is bony with fingers showing prominent knots at inter-phalangeal joints.
  • Classical philosophic hand has knots at both finger joints.
  • Fingertips are a combination of square and conic type.
  • The thumb is often long, indicating both of logic and willpower.
  • The texture of the skin is fine or grainy
  • Lines on the palm are deep.

Some observations about people having Philosophic hands–

  • They are introverted people with little interest in the outside world and follow an intellectual approach to life.
  • They are impressed by scientific or philosophic approach for understanding things around them.
  • The intuitive or businesslike approach doesn’t appeal to them
  • They are concerned about finding the meaning of life with of help of philosophy and are restless unless they find convincing proof.
  • Once they are convinced of the facts which they have found out, it is very difficult to change their view.
  • In general, they have excellent analytical abilities and are secretive in nature
  • This hand usually belongs to teachers, philosophers, world leaders, scientists, researchers, psychotherapists, professors, writers, and spiritual people.
  • They are silent, secretive, deep thinkers, careful over little issues, use words very carefully, proud of being different, rarely forget the injury and wait for opportunities and are egotistical.

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