The Psychic Hand

The Psychic hand is the sixth type of hand in classical palmistry.

Let us see identifying features of Psychic Hand

  • Fingers are long, narrow, delicate in appearance and are pointed.
  • Pointed fingers are the unique feature of a psychic hand.
  • Colour of hand usually varies from pink to white.
  • Skin texture is smooth and soft. Sometimes skin appears to be shiny.


Some observations about people having Psychic hands

  • Lack of practical sense, extremely idealistic, they are day-dreamers absorbed in their own world.
    Due to these features, reasoning things out with them becomes difficult.
  • By default, they trust anyone who is kind to them.
  • They don’t follow orders, punctuality and discipline.
  • They get easily influenced by other peoples opinion.
  • They are attracted to the occult, religious and spiritual things. (We need to check head-line and other features to understand inclination). Some of them have developed intuitive abilities.
  • Few people with psychic hand claim to be clairvoyants or with ESP abilities.
  • If the headline is poorly developed with a defective mount of moon, then they are prone to depression.
  • They are seen in the business of cosmetics, hair-styling and related arts. But they don’t achieve much success due to lack of materialistic outlook.
  • They are prone to get allergies and problems with the respiratory system.

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