The Square shaped hand

The Square shaped hand is the second type of hand in classical palmistry.

                                   Square Hand with Knotty fingers

Let us see identifying features of Square shaped hand-

  • The ideal square hand is square at the wrist, square at the base of the
    fingers and shape of the fingers is also square, but practically this ideal square hand is not seen. What we commonly see is hand with a square base and different set of fingers. This reduces characteristics of the square type and adds features of the type of fingers present.
  • The palm has two adjacent sides of equal length i.e. it is as wide as it is long.
  • The hand is smooth and firm with thenar eminence (Venus) and hypothenar eminence (moon) usually well developed. Pads below the base of fingers are usually flat.
  • Skin texture will be slightly rough but shiny.
  • Lines are usually few, broad and clear and generally short compared to other hand types.
  • Thumb is generally long i.e. reaching till/above 3rd phalange of index finger

Some observations about people having square hands–

  • This palm is repeatedly seen in working-class people, though depending on other features on palm these people can achieve big success in life through hard work.
  • They follow accepted standards and customs set in the world. They honour authority, law and order and like discipline.
  • These persons are balanced, hardworking, dependable and down-to-earth.
  • People with a long and square finger with square palm are more successful than short, square fingers.
  • Generally, these people have evenhanded thinking. They like to have things in order to be efficient in whatever they do.
  • Their thinking is based on facts.
  • They have a good sense of business and are successful in making money and doing business.
  • They are gifted with endurance and are tenacious; rather than being interested in artistic things they have materialistic outlook. Because of such outlook, they become successful in business.
  • They are trustworthy to there partners, friends, employer and employees and keep there promises given to them as they follow principles strongly.
  • Relevant occupations for them are a real-estate agency, doctors, engineers, government jobs, teachers, lawyers, management consultants etc.

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