Palm of Sachin Tendulkar -The God of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar, a.k.a ‘Master Blaster’, ‘God of Cricket’, ‘Little Master’ is former Indian cricketer.

I will give my short analysis on his right palm.

  • He has short fingers. He has short height than average pointing towards mercurial dominance. In his autobiography ‘Playing it my way’, he mentions his childhood period as ‘Never sitting still’, a characteristic associated with planet mercury.
  • Index, middle and ring fingers are straight and not bending towards each other. This adds to strength to the respective mounts.
  • Short Jupiter finger shows less dominating attitude (as a person) which he has always shown throughout his career.
  • Middle and base phalanges have multiple vertical lines without any horizontal lines cutting them, which is again a strong sign. It is a sign that he always want to move towards his goals. He has achieved all there is to achieve in international cricket.

  • Almost all mounts are strong particularly Sun, Venus, upper mars, mercury and Jupiter.
  • His lines are clear without much of horizontal cuts or crisscross lines; indicating the steady rise in the career without much of hindrance.
  • His fate line is clear and strong early on. It seems to stop at a headline (35-37 yrs of age); the new fate line starts above headline going straight towards Saturn mount. This indicates change or additions to an existing career.
  • The line of Mercury which is starting from fate line is going towards the mount of mercury. It shows the capacity for mental concentration for a long period of time. His success in test cricket format is well known.

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