Identifying Self Confidence, Leadership skills from the Palm

Self-confidence and Leadership skills are 2 most essential qualities a person should possess in order to go ahead in life and become successful in his life or business. 

One strong indicator of these qualities can be assessed through the Index finger- also called a Finger of Jupiter in the Indian context.

The long index finger is the true mark of self-confidence and leadership.

What is the meaning of Long Index finger? How do we define the same?

First, check the base of the finger- It should be at the same level or slightly higher than the base of the ring finger

Secondly, check the top- It should be longer than the length of the ring finger.

See the illustration below-

                                        Long Index finger

In this example- the base of the Jupiter/index finger is even higher than the middle finger base (which is a rare feature in itself). We can see it clearly as indicated by the Orange line. (Check your palms- most likely it will be lower than middle finger base and in line with ring finger base. If it’s higher – its an indication that you can lead a group of people.)

Secondly- Index finger length is much longer than the ring finger. We can see it clearly as indicated by the Green Line. (Check your palms- it will either lower than ring finger or doesn’t reach than mid-way of top phalange of middle finger)

This person has completed 2 master degree from abroad and has his own business which he is running successfully.

Long index finger makes him a very confident person.

His right hand have similar features present, confirming the traits in him.


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