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Horoscope- Important Points


Lagna chart—Libra Ascendant with Saturn which is in exalted sign—this is in astrological theory a raja yoga. Saturn is strong as per sign and is close to ascendant (libra) degree wise- it gives a personality and physical characteristics of Saturn- i.e. average to thin built, dry, rough hair, a person who thinks a lot before taking decision…rather than being impulsive, has philosophical/analytical bend of mind. The important thing is the planet gives results in there dasha—Saturn Dasha will be starting from 13/09/2021 (For 19 yrs)—This is will good period for growth- financial and career-wise.

Lagna Lord Venus is in 11th House of gains with Mercury- this is also a positive thing for financial gains.

Moon Rahu in 8th house—This is called as Grahan yoga— It is very close degree wise also—This is a negative feature of the horoscope— Moon related to mind and conjunction with Rahu gives— stress/depressive thinking/ psychological ill-health of mother and sister. On a positive side, it can indicate good financial condition from in-law’s side.

Jupiter Ketu in 2nd House—Jupiter is not a positive planet for Libra Ascendant – Current Jupiter Dasha is going on from 2005—Mixed results. From April 2019—‘Jupiter—Rahu Dasha’ is going on—negative period.

Mars in 10th House – is positioned well but again not a positive planet for Libra ascendant and neither has strength sign wise (debilitated in Cancer sign). 10th House is a house of career and its lord Moon is in 8th house—so career-wise horoscope does have these negative points.

Palm—Important Points

Right Hand

Red Circle—2nd Phalange of Thumb—Lot of horizontal lines-some are quite deep- also some are fine vertical lines—this is a clear cut sign of over-thinking/over-analysis/ indecision about important areas of life. The balancing point is a straight and relatively better headline (Green Arrows) devoid of major negative marks.

Black Circle—Black Dot on the mount of the moon (is it really there? As sometimes you may have some injury marking etc, I assume its presence and writing accordingly)—this is as per my experience a sign of depressive/sad thinking/emotions—time period can’t be predicted. If such episodes have happened in the past it is unlikely to happen again. The similar black mark is present on the left palm as well and the position of Moon and Rahu in the horoscope with its meaning has been explained above. (As per classical texts both in palmistry and Horoscope it shows fear of drowning. Considering the marks on both palms + degree wise conjunction of Moon+Rahu, I would recommend being careful)

Orange Square and Orange Arrows (Pic 1 & 2)—- This is the mount of sun area—you have 2 sun line marked—Left sun line is major as it goes beyond heart line (better seen in pic 2). It has many crisscross lines between them. Overall this is a good sign. My experience says a person has 2 sources of income. From Classic perspective, it can give sudden financial gains (This period looks promising 2028-07-04  –  2031-09-04) and also indicates love marriage.

Black Arrows— Fate line—Fate line is not continuous till the age of 36-37 (as marked by the right side of a line of arrows) but it has good presence from the above headline (marked by the left arrow)—if we compare—this well-formed. Age counted is 38-39. There is definitely a positive change around this year in his career.

Dark Red Arrows (Pic 2)— dark horizontal lines—these are termed as resistance lines—they obstruct your growth—as they cut through life, fate, head and heart line— they create problem in all these areas—as they origin from lower mars area inside the lifeline- it is from within the family or in some cases intrapersonal problems.

Pink Line (Pic 2)—Broken girdle of venus— Mark of emotional/highly sensitive person. This can become hindrance unless you are in an artistic field.

Left Hand—Important Points

Yellow Arrow—Long Index finger than ring finger—it is mainly visible in left palm. This gives good managerial, administrative skills.

Pink Lines—Partial girdle of venus— cutting across line of the sun (in right palm also)- this line indicates marital disturbance. Incompatibility with a life partner. Impulsiveness creating marital disharmony.

Red Lines— Line of marriage has extended line touching your line of the sun— This is not a commonly seen sign (your right palm has normal lines of marriage). This sign means – Love marriage Or Marriage with a rich person. But it is taken as a negative mark indicating unhappiness in married life.

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