Palm Reading for Mr G A

Right Palm

Important points

Green Arrows—Conic Tips and smooth finger— Person who makes a quick judgement and comprehend things quickly, doesn’t like going in much depth though he has the ability to do that (as the headline is normal and well-formed). A person has artistic inclination—love for music/art/painting/decoration etc.

Yellow Circle– Mount of Jupiter— Half developed Jupiter ring+ Vertical line+ Square-shaped(?) formation on it—- I see this as a strong Jupiter—ambitious person, has sympathies for other and wants to contribute to a needy person. He can pursue the teaching profession as well.

Black Circle—Thumb 2nd Phalange—Lot of horizontal lines— Negative sign++— Lack of sound reasoning abilities – or lot bouts of unnecessary self-doubt/inferiority complex

Orange Arrow—Sun line++— Well formed Sunline—Good educational background, has a desire to make name and fame in the society

Blue arrows— Rising line from Lifeline till Saturn mount and another line beside it—This is kind of additional Fate line— it is a strong indication of luck, and stability in marriage and finance— Person comes up in life with his own efforts. As a downside may become narrow-minded/self-centred.

Black Arrow—Fate line— Fate line has started late –almost from age 30 years, no fate line is seen on this palm. Progress in life after age 35-36 onwards

Grey Arrows—Horizontal line cutting through life, head and reaching heart line— this negative line—Some legal dispute from relative/close people

White shaped capsule—Mount of Moon and Upper Mars— well developed—the person has much clear thinking and has an aptitude for creativity

Red Arrows—Falling line from heart line on headline— disappointment in love—had a significant impact on emotional life (20-23 yrs)

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