Palm Reading for Mr G S

Horoscope Important Points-


Libra Lagna lord in 10th House with 10th Lord Moon—This is a combination for getting a good career

Mars+ Jupiter in 6th house—Though 6th House is not a favourable house for Jupiter, it is in its own house. Mars+ Jupiter has complete conjunction hence they are together in D9 Lagna as well. I will take it as a good sign for an overall career. From a health point of view, this indicates health problem like- diabetes and gastrointestinal problem.

Sun+Ketu+Mer (Retrograde)—this is a negative combination as Mercury is 9th lord in 8th house which hampers the progress of the person. Overthinking about any issue will be a big problem.

Saturn in 9th house—an overall positive sign as it is Rajayogakaraka planet for Libra Lagna

Important Points on Palm

Right Palm

Black Capsule and Black Arrows—Good straight sun line and Black arrows showing the formation of upwards line towards the mount of sun. It is interpreted as a rise in a career based on a person’s own efforts. You have an excellent educational background considering Jupiter mount and this sun Line

Red Square—2nd Phalange of Thumb—is an indicator of the logic of the person—there are many fine horizontal and vertical lines –very fine—- I interpret them as subconscious negative voice constantly evaluating things negatively first and find it difficult to turn the mind towards positive things— but that is not apparent to those around you as you have good, fine headline without any major negative sign on it— hence you can somehow calm that negative voice and get the things done.

Green Arrow—Major Fate line on your palm— it is straight — going towards Saturn mount which is the usual case— At least till age 60-65 yrs, it is clear without a hindrance.

Red arrow—This appears to be a fate line(?)- did you change your career at around age 35-36? Or whether you were supporting some family business which you left after 35??

Black Capsule— Same as Right hand— Straight and clear—good for career and overall reputation in the organization and society

Black Arrows—Fate line is much stronger in the left hand and devoid of any negative marks till age 60-65 yrs

Red arrow—falling heart line is a mark of big disappointment in your case – it could be a disappointment in love or betrayal from a person you trusted the most.

A horizontal line on mount of the moon (not marked)—indicates short foreign travel for work.

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