Palm Reading for Mr S.U.

Lagna/Rasi Chart Important points

Sun (own sign) in Lagna house with Mercury—Excellent for intellectual development and pursuits in all throughout the life.

Sun (1st House)- Opposition Saturn (7th house)—- Conflicts/difference of opinion with Father. Now in this horoscope Sun and Saturn, both are strong because of presence in Kendra house + own sign. But as they both have opposite nature meaning—sun prefers light whereas Saturn prefers darkness … you nature/mood/mind can sometimes go to extreme thoughts— exactly opposite.

Venus debilitated in 2nd house—Will be interpreted in association with venus of palm

Guru+ Rahu and Moon-Ketu position in 3-11 axis—Considering Current dasa of Moon-Jupiter and position of Jupiter and Moon in D1 and D9—Foreign travel for education will be good and quite possible. Reason being—Jupiter 5th lord (education) in the house of effort (3) – opposite of Moon  (12th lord-foreign lands) in 9th house of Fate. (Will be cross verified on palm)—Area of education will be Finance/Management/Law

Palm Reading-Important points

Right Palm

Black Horizontal Line—Short Jupiter finger—lack of leadership/confidence—That doesn’t mean you lack knowledge—but you lack confidence or desire to do things fast. This is compensated by the presence of ambition line (black arrow).

Blue Circle— Confusion or overanalysing things leading to indecision; procrastinating things with no valid reason. Same is present on the left thumb as well

Small Black Circle (headline)—Line has become thick/spread out—period approximately is 25-28 yrs— feeling low/bouts of anger/ irritability. Your straight heart line can make you less able to express your emotion and good at hiding them

Red arrow—Fate line—well-shaped—good from start till the end—It should give a good start to your career—in job

Red Square—Mount of the sun—Sun finger is straight and long—but as of now sun line is not very clear on both the palms—sun line is in developing phase both palms. As mentioned above your Sun in the horoscope is good. On palm -Finger is good, Sunline is average. Hence, with efforts, you will make name and fame for yourself in your community. Generally, this line develops very slowly in the period of 10-15 yrs span. I have marked its development on the left hand. Considering both horoscope+ palm–Possibility of getting government job are good.

Green Circle—Is this a mole? If yes then you have to careful in associating with people having deceptive tendencies—you will be tempted to learn from them and apply it— and you will succeed in it too!! But the downside is you will hurt your own people.

Left Palm

Sun finger+ Sunline (marked by black arrows)— Better than the right hand.

Red arrow—Ambition line—strengthening the Jupiter mount. This will give you success in education and in your career.

Blue Arrow—This is a sign of disappointment in love—20-22 yrs

Blue Circle—Travel line—Not very strong yet; I can’t see it clearly on the right hand. These lines change and develop as we age.

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