Palm Reading For Mr S V

Horoscope- Important Points

Libra Lagna—Lagna Lord in Exaltation sign aspecting Moon Sign
A person is fond of luxury, expensive things, good food, laziness/ or laid back attitude. Saturn aspect both Venus and Lagna—Saturn in the important planet for libra Lagna—Saturn makes a person slow to think and work.

Saturn and its relation to 10th house person can do business—Business related to farming/estates/minerals/metal will be beneficial. Career rise is slow. Mostly from age 28 yrs. Start with small business and learn the necessary skills.

Rahu Saturn combination shows ill health of mother OR not peaceful environment at home.

Sun-Mercury (Retro)—Wife will be dominant than the native. Mercury in Aries sign –a person should be careful about not overthinking/worrying too much as it can affect his mind.

Some astrologers caution about a head injury or complaints of headache when mercury is in Aries and retro, so native should be careful in these things. Though other combinations are absent in horoscope. Rise in career after marriage.

Important points on palm

Right Palm

Orange circle—Clear sun line is absent— Lack of sun line means it takes a lot of time for the person to establish himself or come in limelight.

Black arrow—Upward branch from Lifeline— Person willing to take efforts for success. This is a positive mark and shows overall success in what person attempts to do.

Blue arrows—Business line—Half developed—it is not present till the mercury mount. As per my experience, the person can do small business while doing a job side by side. As he gains experience in it, he can decide what is better for him.

Red Circle—It appears that in this portion Headline has faded or absent, in other picture too it appears to be the same way. As I had mentioned in point under Mercury, the person needs to be aware of excessive worry affecting his mental faculties/ energy. This time period is 37 to 50 yrs. If a person has a tendency to become nervous easily, if he diligently works on it from now on, this gap/fading can be filled in in 2-3 yrs time period. But one has to do extra efforts for it.

Left Palm

Black circle—Absence of Sun line as mentioned above.

Blue arrowsincompletely developed business line

Red circlefading of headline

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