Palm Reading for Mr D J

Palm Reading for Mr.D J


Right Palm

  1. Red Arrow– Jupiter Finger — First thing that stands out on your palm is your Jupiter’s finger. It is Longer than Ring, it is thrusting out from the rest of the fingers (Blue line-showing the distance) and from the base, it is highly placed (Horizontal Red Line). Now your horoscope has only Jupiter in the 7th house – the only planet in the quadrant. Interpretation is – Financial Growth is important for you+ Leadership/ dominating nature+ Need for independence.

  1. Yellow Arrow– Sunline—There is no clear Sunline, even on your left palm- This is a drawback – High possibility that you have not completed your formal education OR after a lot of struggles you somehow managed to complete it. Lack of SunLine means very difficult to get good recognition in whatever that you do though you might be working hard. But please remember hands keep on changing as you put in efforts, they are not fixed. I can see the gradual development of Sunline in both palms, as per my experience it will become prominent in 3-4 years.

  2. Purple Arrow/ (Black Capsule in 2nd picture)—Fate line is not clear, it is hazy—You are probably struggling to understand what to do in life? No proper direction to choose. This shows dissatisfaction.

  3. Green Arrow + Red Circle—Health/ Business Line— This has started well from the fate line and goes strongly towards Mercury with one break. This is a good indication for doing business and it will succeed. Break indicates weakness in digestion. Avoid eating spicy food or it can cause Gastrointestinal issues considering Mars in 6th house of your Horoscope.

  1. Green Arrow– Heart Line— Drawn Towards Saturn Mount—Materialistic outlook, tendency to become emotionally cold. As per me, this good for doing business but not in personal life.

  2. Black Capsule– Fate line—Have explained above. In this picture Fate line is kind of rope—it is like this till age 35-36 yrs— So till then, it’s a difficult period in career front.

  3. Red Square—Fate line— This is above headline portion—and it is well-formed than below portion—so 36+ period will be much good than the current period. It has a supportive second line—meaning additional occupation/work.

  4. Black Arrow– Rising line from Life—This is recently formed line—kind of ambition line— not strong.

  5. Red Arrow—Travel line—Desire to move away from home—Age period is between 50 to 55

  1. Black Square—Absence of Sunline—explained already

  2. Multiple black arrows—resistance lines—these are present on right palm too (One is prominent at 33-34 yrs) This will be a very frustrating period, possible financial difficulties during this period.

  3. Green Arrow—Business line/ Health line is lacking on this palm. Do you really have an inner desire to do the business or it is a force decision?

  4. Red circle—wavy line on the Lower part of moon—this is a sea travel line—No particular age—but you will have quite of few travels via sea.


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