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Horoscope Important Points

Lagna lord Venus in 10th house—Good for overall health and career also. Venus in Kumbha Rashi is considered strong. On your palm venus is strong. It gives Venusian personality traits, love for luxury, (Physical appearance- Long silky hair, long eyelashes, strong physique, can make you overweight as age advances). Presences of Mars with Venus can make you aggressive/impatient person. Good in outdoor sports.

Ketu in 2nd house generally give problems with teeth. Some people prefer talking less. But in your case Mercury, 2nd house lord is debilitated and retrograde. In my observation, such people are talkative and witty. They generally become centre of attraction between there group of friends.

Jupiter Retrograde in 4th house—Jupiter is a tricky planet for Vrishabh Lagna; being 8th lord in 4th house and your Moon is placed between Saturn and Mars—It indicates ill health to mother. Specifically pointing towards some psychological problem to mother.

5th lord Mercury – as explained retrograde and debilitated, might have caused problem/failures/hurdles in completing your education. With the strength of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, I believe you have managed to overcome that.

Saturn in 9th house in own sign—it is rajayogkarka planet for Vrishabh Lagna. From 2029 onwards you have Saturn Dasha. That should be the best period of your life. The only condition mentioned in our Shastras is a person should have good, honest conduct… if one has followed it then he gets best results in rajayogkaraka planet especially Saturn.

Venus with Mars (7th lord) together indicates love marriage. Though 5th lord is weak, it gives 1-2 failures in love life before giving success. Possibility of the partner being from the workplace.

Palm reading

Right palm-1

Important points

Black Arrows—Straight Heart line –covering the whole width of the palm from end to end, ending below later aspect of palm. This is a rare pattern. In Indian palmistry context, it shows superstitious nature, believe people easily, sentiments overpower the judgement process, can make one obsessed with love and is emotional. In western palmistry, it shows a humanitarian tendency. You will develop a desire to do good to all those around you and to devote yourself to caring for others. In my observation, such people are transparent when it comes to sharing his inner thoughts, a person with a big heart.

Green Arrows
Straight headline—This will balance the excessive emotionality indicated by heart line— straight headline brings in an element of logic in the thought process, which is a good thing. Quality of line is good too.

Blue arrows—Fate line starting from the upper portion of the mount of the moon.

Yellow arrow-denotes 2nd fate line… joined to lifeline and stopping midway of the palm. Fate line marked by blue arrows is going beyond headline till heart line. This line is also not clearly visible, as in some pictures it is visible in others it appears non-existent. Considering the fate line which starts besides lifeline, you might have some familial work/business which your family members wants you to continue…. But another fate line (blue arrows) shows desire in a different direction. Considering your palm shape+ horoscope— engineering field looks suitable, the second option being finance.

Orange arrow—Presence of faint sun line— Quality is not good.  (On left palm Sunline is absent). Sunline corresponds to fame, education, artistic talents etc. Absence of line doesn’t mean complete denial of these things it only means late recognition/fructification of the efforts. (Line change and can develop as we age)

Right Palm-2

Black circle– Developed Venus mount, this matches with Venus qualities I have mentioned above. It promises good financial status throughout life.

Red arrow– Lifeline—gets broad and faint—as per my experience it shows hereditary illness- you are prone to get that disorder—and it can affect your health. This is as per the current condition of the lifeline— with healthy habits things can improve. The time period is after 45-50 years.

Right Palm- 3

Black arrow—Marriage line—one single line—gives one stable relationship—line appears good in the picture… no other negative marks seen on other palm pictures as well. Placement is above midway of the portion between heart line and base of little finger—marriage might get delayed—after 32+ yrs.

Left Palm

Left palm basically has similar points as in right palm.

Fate line (Blue arrows) is short, yet to develop—currently shows development till 36-37 yrs.

Green circle+ arrow—Point I have mentioned regarding lifeline—- Here it has broadened. Interpretation is same as mentioned above.

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