Palm Reading for Ms B N


Important points

Pisces Lagna—Lord Jupiter with Moon sign lord Mars in 3rd house— person becomes independent and courageous from a young age or has the behaviour of not depending on his parents from a young age—(this is also apparent on the palm which I will mention later). Aries moon sign makes the person angry and short-tempered, but after 4-5 years it will reduce once Jupiter’s effect becomes apparent.

12th House—Has 3 planets—Sun, Mercury and Venus with Rahu—Mercury and Rahu are in conjunction— Both have favourable sign i.e. Aquarius but 12th house is not favourable for Mercury— Such position gives person excellent memory, he is intelligent. But as 12th house is favourable for only a few planets, the person doesn’t get desired results immediately. Classical astrology paints a negative picture with the presence of Venus in 12th regarding marital life but reviewing her palm, I don’t think anything major negative sign is present. (I will explain it further). Yes, as sun and venus are 6th and 8th lord respectively, they do indicate a gynaecological problem. It will improve with proper treatment.

Concentration on 3 planets in 12th and 12th lord in 10th can make person travel abroad for his job.

10th Lord  Jupiter in 3rd house with Mars (9th Lord) and Saturn 11th lord in 10th so career-wise horoscope is excellent—Person can pursue her likings and get good success in life. Saturn in 10th gives steady growth.


Important Points

Overall Right palm lines are much better than left palm.

All major lines are well-formed and prominent. Most important I think are Fate line (Black Arrows) and headline (Pink Arrows)—they are excellent—such person should pursue his career aggressively, he can achieve a high position in life.

Red Arrows—Separate Headline and lifeline—as mentioned in a horoscope this is a sign of adopting independent thinking from a young age. On the downside, it can make person impulsive.. not pausing to think about the consequence of the action.

Sunline- (Orange arrow)—this further strengthens the outcome of strong head and fate line.

Empathy line (Yellow arrow)—This is kind of version of the ring of Solomon—the person has kind heart, he gets attached with the activity which involves caring/helping people in the community/ or it can be getting attached in the religious community as well.

Line of Children (green arrows)—there are prominent children line—indicating Male child.

On 2nd phalange of thumb, there are a lot of vertical and horizontal lines— as marked by red arrows. This creates inferiority complex, uncertainty unnecessarily … if above that if a person has a habit of holding thumb inside the palm it indicates insecurity.

Right Palm

Black arrows—upwardly Curved marriage line(??)—if it is curved then –it is a sign that person can become too religious/spiritual and can have a low-very low sex drive.

Blue arrows—(hand overall appears dry, hence line not clear in this pic)— branch from headline crossing down to mount moon—age according to me is 22-24 yrs—from that age onwards—person develops some liking or artistic hobby which he gets too attached with and follow ardently. If this interpretation is true —then the person needs to be careful of becoming to be possessed by this thing as it can overpower and compromise other areas of life. Kindly confirm on this point.

Left Palm

Most of the points of right palm are repeated on left palm—i.e.- empathy line, headline, heart line, sun line, and strong children line. The fate line is not clearly defined as in right palm. If a person is active in his career, things will change on the palm. She should not waste her talent.

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