Palm Reading for Mr G A

Important points Green Arrows—Conic Tips and smooth finger— Person who makes a quick judgement and comprehend things quickly, doesn’t like going in much depth though he has the ability to do that (as the headline is normal and well-formed). A person has artistic inclination—love for music/art/painting/decoration etc. Yellow Circle– Mount of Jupiter— Half developed Jupiter …

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Palm Reading for Mr S.U.

Lagna/Rasi Chart Important points Palm Reading-Important points Right Palm Black Horizontal Line—Short Jupiter finger—lack of leadership/confidence—That doesn’t mean you lack knowledge—but you lack confidence or desire to do things fast. This is compensated by the presence of ambition line (black arrow). Small Black Circle (headline)—Line has become thick/spread out—period approximately is 25-28 yrs— feeling low/bouts …

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Palm Reading for Ms.L.D.

Horoscope Ascendant Rising – Capricorn – Ruling Planet Saturn Moon Sign- Libra Strong Planets- Saturn, Mars Weak Planets- Mercury and Venus   Palm Analysis+ Horoscope analysis    Hand Shape and fingers—Philosophical Hand- i.e. with Knotted fingers (Marked by Red arrows), thin and with prominent bones. Such people generally have strong Saturnian tendencies as per my …

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