Palm Reading for Mr D P

Important points

Mercury (1st and 10th house lord) + Uranus conjunction in Scorpio in 3rd house: Significance of this combination is it makes the person very intelligent, sharp memory, excellent grasping power. Mercury being 1st house lord it influences the personality and placement in Scorpio makes person secretive, critical when he speaks and get quick insights into the things. Being 10th lord in 3rd house gives slow, steady progress in the career on a person’s efforts.

Mercury Uranus conjunction gives extraordinary knowledge in one field mostly technical and insightful thinking.

The downside of this mercury because of the presence of Saturn and Ketu with it is -it puts a strain on the nervous system (as mercury represents it) and gastrointestinal system.

The downside of Mercury+Uranus is a strong negative event which impacts life for long.

Moon is in Aries in 8th house and it is in same Aries navmansa. By placement in Rashi, it is strong but with 8th house placement, it is taken as negative… it gives ill health in childhood (even your initial length of lifeline is weak). Being in 8th it kind of takes away aggression of Aries sign. Being lord of 11th House it can give sudden benefits from foreign travel or contacts.

Saturn (5th and 6th House lord) + Ketu Conjunction in Scorpio in 3rd house:–  This combination is good for technical education. Being 5th lord, Saturn delays the functions of this house i.e. child/education. Saturn and Ketu in the square with Mars make one prone to accidents. Reason being- Mars is in 6th house (accidents/disease) and Saturn is 6th house lord. 3rd house indicates younger siblings and 6th house maternal siblings… so it can affect them as well.

Jupiter in own sign in 4th house (Vargottama) — 4th being ‘Kendra’ sthana, representing once home, mother, property etc.. Jupiter being in own house will give auspicious results of this house. Jupiter is 7th Lord too hence it should give marriage with someone known to family/from near to home. Jupiter aspects Moon, 10th house i.e. house of career so it adding strength to them. Jupiter is with Sun, and not combust hence it is the strength of the horoscope. As both aspect 10th house, it will give a good position in a job and steady growth. You should be more attached to the mother, both mother father must be very religious and must be well known /respected in the community/society.

Venus in 6th House with Mars and in Square with Saturn—It decreases the function of Venus i.e. related to married life mainly. Mars in 6th house is generally favourable but Aquarius sign is not favourable for Mars, it makes a person short-tempered/irritable. Being in ‘Satataraka’ nakshatra it gives the good knowledge about scriptures/religious texts but can make person orthodox. 6th house Mars is known to give a fighting spirit.

Exchange of 3rd Lord Mars with 6th Lord Saturn can give a strained relationship with the younger sibling.

Palm Reading

Right palm-1

White Arrows (Direction of LifeLine) and Black Arrows (horizontal Stress lines)

Initial white arrows area—Lifeline is formed with a broken line – and cut by stress lines— this indicates frequent ill-health (Allergies?) or stress-related problems/ restlessness/ change of house. As it progresses below (next 2 white arrows) it has strengthened indicating things improving (approximately after age 30).

Yellow arrows (Vertical lines from the mount of Jupiter touching lifeline) & Green Arrows (Ambition line/fate line starting from LifeLine)— These are very positive signs… it shows ambitious nature…. The line marked by green arrows is quite thick and strong pointing that it must be present from many years. It gives the desired position in the career and fulfils one’s ambition.

(Compare to left your right palm lines appear ‘split’ thereby reducing their strength overall- Lifeline, fate line and some portion of the headline)

Heart Line— Broken (Shown by Big Red Arrow) & Branches from broken portion cutting headline (2 dark red arrows) and Head+ Fate line (chain of dark red arrows)— This is the biggest weakness of the palm—Traditional meaning—Heart line indicates—heart function- so disorders of heart/blood circulation are one meaning. Another meaning is a big disappointment in life/ some sudden incident which affects emotionally, physically and mentally as well. Timing of this event is difficult… it could be between 28-32 years. (If you could share, I would like to know the incident if it has happened.). Branches (Dark red arrows)— comes down and cuts head and fate line— event affecting your mental faculty and your career too. Heartline does indicate about person love relationship so it could be a big disappointment in love.

I have also seen a break in the heart line gives a tendency to become obese later in life. Though the left heat line is not broken.

Upper portion quality is good and it continues till Jupiter— things improving post the incident.

Orange arrows (Sunline)—Dual Sunline—I have always seen people with dual sunline having 2 income source.. 2 skills by which they earn their livelihood. It auspicious sign, shows financial gains, good luck.

More traditional meaning for your information (I have not confirmed these meanings yet)— sudden financial gain, Love marriage bringing good luck. These lines are cut by 2-3 horizontal lines (not marked in the picture)— avoid doing business.

Right Palm-2

Red arrows (Headline) and Branch of Headline (Dark Red Arrows)— Initial red arrows (headline area)— line is waving, kind of spilt…. The initial portion is strongly attached to lifeline—- strong attachment/dependence on the family; intelligence yet agitated mind. As it progresses, the quality of the line is improved. Below middle finger area (age 30-32) it has big branch (marked by dark red arrows) going towards upper/middle portion of the mount of moon— some additional creative skill development which can become a source of income or fulfilment/ satisfaction in life.

Dark blue arrows (Fate line)— This becomes a dominant fate line than one marked by green arrows— it is going forward till middle and still in development in top portion— Good, stable career growth.

Right Palm-3

Yellow Arrows (Bent Jupiter Finger)—- Bent towards Saturn finger shows the more orthodox bent of mind. This is not necessarily a negative sign. Generally bent in finger reduces its strength.

Dark grey Arrows (Health line/business line)— Not well-formed— Not favourable for business. As it also serves as a health line…. Indicates gastrointestinal troubles.

Pink arrows (Marriage line-Bent)— There are 2 lines of affection (marriage line as per some interpretation). Prominent of the two is marked with pink arrows…. Bent means a difference in nature leading to dissatisfaction or quarrels. This doesn’t mean divorce.  

Left Palm-1

I have pointed out certain things which are common on both palms.

Orange Arrows (Dual Sunline)— Same interpretation as mention in right palm.

Green arrows (ambition line/fate line)— Much better and clear formation than on right palm. Good for career and growth in Job.

Dark Blue arrows (Fate line)— Again better/clear fate line than on right palm… positive feature.

The red arrow (travel line/branch from Lifeline)— Similar line is present on right palm—- It is taken as a travel line— settling abroad for few years/ or intense desire to travel and stay abroad. The period is after age 50-55.

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