Palm Reading for Mr K S

Horoscope Important Points


Ketu in 2nd House—Inclined to talk less/communicate less with people; complaints of teeth.

2nd lord Budh retrograde and neech Rashi in 12th House—this can negate features of Ketu and person can have a very close circle of friends, can become very talkative.

Venus+Moon conjunction in Kumbha Rashi 10th House- In the horoscope, it indicates business related to textiles, perfumes, film industry or business involving products related to females like jewellery, fashion wears etc. Regarding business, we need to see palm which I will comment further

Mars+Venus 10th House— Indication of love marriage

Saturn in 9th house in Own Rashi— Bhagyodaya after 36-38 yrs of age.

Jupiter retrograde in 4th House—9th lord— In my experience this Jupiter shows excessive worrisome nature of the mother. This can cause some psychological problem in case any stressful situation is experienced by the mother.

Right Palm—Important Points

Right Palm

Unlike Horoscope palm right now doesn’t have a line of business. It has classic fate line meant for doing a job. Fate line has many breaks— one at around 28-30 (Blue arrow)—the next part is stopping at 36-37 yrs.. There are 2 fate lines like appearance (2 red arrows). Focussing just on 5 years I will recommend continuing your job and upgrading yourself in it.

Black Arrow—Vertical line on Saturn-single and straight—a sign of good luck—as also seen in strong Saturn in horoscope and Kumbh moon sign which is Saturn sign. You also have somewhat knotted fingers— You can persist in boring work relentlessly and succeed in it.

Orange circle— Headline has island mark— this period of frustrations/confusion/lack of clarity in life— period is 30-35 yrs. After that headline quality is much better. This doesn’t mean in coming 2 years it won’t change; if you have focus and positive belief in what you are doing that sign can disappear in 6-8 months

Yellow arrow— Single marriage in—Quality is good— time it indicates is late—around 32-34 yrs

Lifeline is stopping short— this is not at all an indication of short life— but at around the age of 40-42 yrs—there will be a significant transition in life— relocation of the house is quite possible.

Left palm

Important Points

Bent Little Finger— Sometimes gives a tendency to be deceptive

Broken Fate line— as seen in right palm

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