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Horoscope Important Points

Conjunction of Planets in 2nd House- Sun+ Moon+Mercury+Saturn; out of which Moon(20deg)+Mercury(23deg)+Saturn(28deg)—are closer degree wise—Mercury is strong as it is in own Rashi. Being born in ‘Sadesati’ at birth- with a combination of Moon+ Saturn in horoscope can give lingering problems of the respiratory system and Mercury+Saturn can give the problem of anxiety. Mercury and Moon under the influence of Saturn make person chronic worrier/depressive thoughts/tendency to become introvert/lack of enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean such situation remains all throughout the life, as Moon and Mercury have their individual say as well—it makes the person very intelligent/very tactful in his work/wants to learn various subjects, new things/talks politely, sweetly or smilingly. Likes to talk humorously and critically as well.

This combination is in 2nd House of a horoscope which is the house of the family has implication for the same. Involvement of Moon which indicates mother—this may indicate a bad relationship with mother/ ill health of the mother.

Saturn is 6th (house of disease, disputes and debt) and 7th lord (marriage) in 2nd house (house of family, money)—has potential to affect these things in a negative way. Moon -lord of 12th house(loss)—in 2nd house can give financial problem (Jupiter-Moon Dasha from- Nov 2020 till March 2022)

The balancing point is Strong mercury and ‘Vargottama’ Saturn in ‘Navamansa’ Kundali.

Mars+Uranus in 4th House—4th house– indicates mind, home, vehicle, property, mother etc. Mars is in his own house i.e. Scorpio sign— As per classical astrology, it is one of the ‘Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga’called as ruchaka. It gives person Martian qualities in general—i.e. bold and courageous, full of strength and vigour, strong physique, fame, fine qualities, knowledge of science, well-versed in sacred texts and prayers etc.

But, as per modern astrology-combination of Mars+ Uranus show sudden incidents in life—mostly negative-proneness to accidents is marked. A person does experience a sudden negative incident at least once in life. This combination is not good for married life as per modern interpretation. A recurring theme in the horoscope is a negative impact on Moon+ 4th house under influence of mars Uranus+ 4th house from Moon has Ketu— I would like to know about your mother and any negative incident in her life.

On a positive note, this Mars(in own sign Scorpio)+ Uranus can make you a good leader in your job and can give overall good rise in a career as Mars is 9th house lord as well (House of Fate)


Important Points

Right Palm-1

Black Horizontal Line– between Index and Middle finger—Sign of strong will-power and independent personality. A person is less concerned with the opinion of others. Same is confirmed on the left palm as well. This is a sign of decision-maker—a person involved in the job of decision making. One may not be a leader but an important decision making the person in his company/business.

Black arrows—Head line—Very long headline — this is a rarely seen headline—shows more than ordinary intellectual knowledge, he/she can become self-centred. As it is slightly turned upward in the end, it can make person greedy and calculative. This is another mark of independence, the person doesn’t like to be disturbed by others, doesn’t get impressed, anyone. It is a sign of a person having a capacity of great focus and also unemotional nature.

Some reports say that in childhood person experience learning difficulties/behavioural problem which person overcomes very well.

In my experience—the person has very in-depth knowledge of 1 or 2 subject—an almost 360-degree view of it—he/she acts as a source of guidance for many people on those subjects.

The overall quality of the headline is excellent.

Green Arrows– Fate Line—It is quite thick in beginning with clearly developed till heart line (Upper green arrow). Quality of line has improved from age 30 yrs onwards—I take it as a growth in career from that year onwards. In general, the fate line should be slightly more thin and faint, which shows a good rise in career and position. Current fate line can give moderate growth in career.

Orange Arrows– SunLine—Starting from Lifeline going till mount of the sun below the ring finger. Sunline is an indicator of artistic talents, financial prosperity, success, and education. It is developed and easily seen. Under ring finger, it also has a second complimentary line. Primary line (marked by orange arrows) starts from Lifeline—indicating—lover of arts, intelligent from a young age and can grasp complex things easily, good financial condition.

In its course, it is broken twice (marked by red circles in picture 2 below)—indicating—hindrance in things indicated by lines—approximate years as per my calculation—1st break—30 years and 2nd break 38 years 9 month (+/- 1 year). As the line is present above 2nd break and line present below ring finger is also there (it is still developing) + parallel 2nd Sunline is present== hence things will improve and will be better.    

Red arrows— It is a line starting from Marriage line (Faint in the beginning as marked) and going down cutting the heart and headline. This is taken as a sign of dispute/unhappiness/legal complication/divorce. Also, there are quite a few vertical lines cutting marriage line—did you face any obstacles in getting married?

Right Palm-2

Black Arrows—Line of Mars—A supportive line to the lifeline (Major line beside it). It acts a supportive line to the lifeline and takes away negative influence shown on lifeline (your lifeline doesn’t show any major negative defects) … acting like a buffer/cushion/ insurance against ill health.  It also gives person martian qualities as well (Palm and Horoscope confirm the influence of Mars. Also you Lagna is Leo which is a fiery sign. Only contradictory point is Moon in Virgo which makes person thoughtful and less aggressive in general).

It has started from Lifeline and then has separated down—it indicates love affair at a young age, the person gets attracted to person with same Martian qualities.

Kindly confirm if it is true.

Red Arrows & Dark Red Arrows and Red Circles— Explained above.

Yellow Circle– Jupiter mount— Vertical lines on Jupiter are always an indicator of growth and ambition on the palm. There is a cross formation just below the index finger—taken as a sign of love marriage.

Left Palm

Left palm also has Good Fate line and Sunline.

Red arrows show the same line as present on right palm—starting faintly from marriage line and cutting heart, head, fate and lifeline and going on lower mars—the sign of dispute/quarrels/ legal disputes as mentioned above.

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